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Over the past 30 years, the team at Ohio Premier (OP) has helped thousands of soccer players reach their full potential — both on and off the field. The goal is to help young athletes nurture their passion for soccer and prepare them for life.

With a focus on dedication, discipline and teamwork, OP takes pride in allowing players to develop friendships while becoming stronger athletes. Together, OP can ensure your child loves the game and puts their skills on display.

OP takes training and development to the next level so your child can unlock their full potential and stay engaged.

OP Juniors youth soccer program is perfect for kids who are new to the sport and parents who want their children to develop the skills needed to thrive in and out of the game.

With a Winter, Spring and Fall session, families can choose what’s best for their schedule. The Juniors Program does not require tryouts or travel, making it easy for kids to have fun and discover their passion for soccer. When it’s fun, the learning takes care of itself.

What You Need to Know:
-Designed for ages 4-8
-Hosted on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays
-Trains 1-2x a week
-4x4 Sunday play days at OP facilities in Plain City
-No travel required
-No tryouts for this program

3 different sessions:
-Winter: January-March
-Spring: March-May
-Fall: September-October

-Winter: Indoors Saturdays at Bo Jackson Elite Sports
-Spring and Fall: Outdoors Upper Arlington on Mondays at Northwest Park, Dublin on Fridays at Daree Park. Select Sundays at OP facilities in Plain City will be a 4x4 play day combining both UA and Dublin communities.

For more information or to register, please visit opsoccer.com.