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The inspiration behind kidslinked... Giving birth, whether it be to a child or a business, is a daunting, exciting, life-changing process. In the case of kidslinked, our story will sound familiar to anyone who has tried to balance the demands of work, home and parenting.

Our founders have worn many hats, including that of successful entrepreneur, marketing maven, business intelligence strategist, database developer, amateur tri-athlete, online coach and more. And they have juggled the very same, wonderful, day-to-day chaos that come with balancing the needs of family, career and self.

As busy parents, they saw the need to develop a company that provided other parents with family management tools at their fingertips. This realization led to the creation of kidslinked.com ­a one-of-a-kind family resource for parents and childcare givers to discover and manage family calendars, local kid-friendly activities, parenting advice, directories and more. All the information you need, in one convenient place.

As parents, we all try to do the best we can to provide our children with quality, meaningful experiences. We want to raise happy, intelligent and confident children and kidslinked.com supports that mission.

kidslinked is a proud winner of the 2008 TechColumbus Innovation Award for Outstanding Service, which each year recognizes and celebrates excellence in innovation leadership across the nation. Since then, kidslinked has also received a capital endowment from TechColumbus to help further expand and strengthen the services and innovation kidslinked provides to its families, sponsors and partners.

We're grateful for the recognition kidslinked has received, and humbled and inspired by the tremendous support for what lies ahead with kidslinked. We invite you to explore our site, and enjoy the many activities it provides and the time and energy it saves.

kidslinked understands that parenting isn't easy. But we're thrilled to share our professional experiences and passion for children through kidslinked.com and proud to serve as your link between children and family fun.