2015 Learning Rocks Chess Contest

Mail in Registration

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If you would prefer to register by mail, print out the form below and mail it to:
Dragon Chess Center, 4236 Tuller Rd., Dublin OH 43017.

Entry Fee:      $15.00 if postmarked by November 10. $20.00 if received after this date. Limited number of discounts available for low income families. Email jjmao11@gmail.com to request before registering. Check payable to Dragon Chess Center. Refund for withdraws less $5 administration fee if requested by noon one day before the tournament. No refund thereafter.

Entry Deadline:       Entry must be received by Tuesday, 11/10.


Learning Rocks Chess Challenge 2015

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Registration Form

Space is limited. First come, first serve

Name ____________________________________________________________________________________

Grade _________  Date of birth _____________________ Male ___ Female ___

Mailing Address __________________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip ___________________________________________________________________________

School _________________________________________

Telephone # _____________________ Email address ___________________________________________

Please circle the section you wish to enter (Players with 10 or more prior rated games are not eligible for this tournament):


            Non-Rated K-2           Non-Rated 3-5                       Non-Rated 6-12


Tournament Registration Fee - $ _______________        Checks payable to:   Dragon Chess Center

            ($15 by 10/31, $20 by 11/10)

            Total enclosed - $ ________________

Mail entries to:
Dragon Chess Center
4236 Tuller Rd.
Dublin, OH 43017