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Who is Bukkaroo Ultimate Kids Kab Service?
Bukkaroo Ultimate Kids Kab Service (B.U.K.K.S.) is a service providing transportation options for busy families. Whether it’s a ride to grandma’s house or a ride to an extra-curricular activity, B.U.K.K.S. has different service options to help families relieve the stress of being overwhelmed.

Being a parent is complex and B.U.K.K.S. has standard transportation accommodations along with customized packages to help with the challenges these families face. Safety is B.U.K.K.S.'s #1 priority, wanting parents to rest assured their child will have safe, reliable, and an enjoyable experience while in transport. B.U.K.K.S. is glad they can offer services to you and your family within the community.

What does Bukkaroo Ultimate Kids Kab Service do?
B.U.K.K.S. picks children up from their designated location ensure that they are properly secured and drop them off to:
  • After-school, summer program, and/or daycare
  • Library
  • Doctor appointments
  • Dentist and/or Orthodontist appointments
  • Dance class
  • Athletic practice
  • Relatives and/or friends

Bukkaroo Ultimate Kids Kab Service Drivers:

As parents as well, B.U.K.K.S. understands that having a peace of mind that you are still protecting your child while trying to juggle work/life balance is important. As a result B.U.K.K.S. has implemented extenuous qualifications each driver must adhere to. Drivers are identified in Bukkaroo/B.U.K.K.S. logo polo or T-shirts in bright yellow. Each driver is required:
  • Pass initial and random drug screenings
  • Cleared through the local department of Child and Human Services
  • National criminal background check
  • CPR and first aid trained
  • Clean driving record
  • Have more than 5 years experience with children

Bukkaroo Ultimate Kids Kab Service Vans:

Each van is equipped with video camera surveillance so that your child can be looked after at all times. Vans will have GPS trackers that are monitored for every drop off and pick up to ensure they’re safely and securely getting from one destination to the next. On board is a basic first aid kit which has added supplies of bottled waters, T-shirts, and sanitizers. B.U.K.K.S. vans are labeled and easily identified as “Bukkaroo Ultimate Kids Kab” “B.U.K.K.S.”

B.U.K.K.S. prides itself offering safe, reliable services at affordable pricing. Annual non-refundable membership fee is $40 per family. Fees are based upon mileage from the pickup and drop off locations. B.U.K.K.S. offers standard packages which include:

Package Options:
  • B.U.K.K.S. Silver: This is a standard drop off and pick up with uniformed driver
  • B.U.K.K.S. Gold: This includes the Silver plus it offers text notification upon child entering the vehicle and exiting the vehicle.
  • B.U.K.K.S. Platinum: This includes the Silver and Gold plus offers 2 emergency pick-ups.

Payment is due at the time service booked. Cancellations require a 24 hour notice and must be confirmed by staff otherwise cancellation fees may apply. To find out more about Bukkaroo rates and policies, please visit www.bukkaroo.com or call 888-822- 8557.

Sibling discounts are available; call for more details.

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